Spaetburgunder, Pinot Noir red wine

Pinot Noir – Spaetburgunder –
Ruby Red Elegance

The Grape Variety

The Pinot Noir is one of the oldest red grape varieties and is said to be the noblest red grape of all. It was already known in medieval Europe.

Pinot Noir requests best locations for the late ripening berries to reach their full sweetness and delicate flavour.

From our Pinot Noir grapes we press both red and rosé wines and bottle them in different variants.

Pinot Noir Red Wine – Dry


Fuchs Pinot Noir red dry wine has a harmonious, well-balanced structure and a fine ruby-red colour. The taste is velvety-dry, but not too dry, with an exquisite flavour of cherry and bilberry. The acidity is smooth, the tannines are very decent.

Pinot Noir Dry + Food

This Pinot Noir dry red wine is an universal companion to roasted, smoked or barbecued meat, venison, cheese, and all kinds of spicy food.

Pinot Noir Red Wine – Sweet


This sweet variation of Pinot Noir has a beautiful ruby-red colour with a well-balanced structure. It shows fine aromatics of cherries and bilberries. Pleasantly low, agreeable acidity.

Pinot Noir Sweet + Food

The Pinot Noir sweet red wine goes well with cheese, sweet-sour dishes and light desserts. It is also pleasant to be enjoyed cooled on warm summer evenings.

Pinot Noir Dry – Rosé Wine


This dry Pinot Noir Rosé is very dry with fine aromatics of cherries and red berries. It has a low, pleasantly agreeable acidity.

Pinot Noir Dry – Rosé + Food

This Pinot Noir Rosé dry wine is good companion to all gently spiced dishes such as fish and seefood, meat, poultry, or vegetables.

Pinot Noir Rosé Wine – Medium-Sweet


Fuchs Pinot Noir rosé has a medium-sweet taste, a harmonic combination of fruity acidity and sweetness. It has a fine flavour of cherries and bilberries and a brilliant rose colour.

Pinot Noir Rosé Wine + Food

This Pinot Noir rosé wine goes well with and without food, as a light aperitif or as a companion for not too spicy dishes such as poultry, meat and vegetables. Enjoy it well-cooled on warm summer evenings!

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