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Histamine-Free Wine?

Histamine-sensitive persons are often told either to avoid wine, especially red wine, entirely, or to enjoy “histamine-free” wines only. So the crucial question is, whether or not such wines exist indeed.

Histamine-analysed Wines

What is a “Histamine-free” Wine?

The wine analysis required for the official approval of German quality wines does not include an analysis of the histamine content.

Furthermore the German (wine) law unfortunately does not provide a definition for “histamine-free” or “low histamine” wines. On the contrary, according to an EU regulation, these terms are not allowed to use in the description of alcoholic beverages at all.

Special Histamine Analysis of Wine

Several wines of our assortment have been analysed for their content of histamines. For each analysed wine a data sheet (in German) is available to download.

The following wines have been analysed:

Histamine-Analysed White Wines

Histamine-Analysed Rosé Wines

Histamine-Analysed Red Wines

Histamine-Analysed Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Histamine-Free, Non-Alcoholic, Sparkling like Champagne

Histamine-Free Verjuice* (Sour Grape Juice)

* Verjuice is a fruity and aromatic alternative to vinegar – vegan.

Is the Taste of Histamine-Analysed Wines Different?

No, certainly not! The taste of wines depends on many different factors such as the ripeness of the grapes, the processing in the cellar. These are the essential reasons of the development of each wine’s flavour, sweetness and acidity.

The success of our wines – among which are several histamine-analysed wines – in international competitions provides clear evidence, that the “lack” of histamines is of no consequence at all for their taste.

Why are there Histamines in some Wines?

Whether or not a wine develops histamines can have many reasons such as the quality of the grapes and the further processing in the cellar. Only if really all qualifications are entirely fulfilled, a wine can contain no or only a low quantity of histamines.

Due to these reasons it is unfortunately impossible to produce any wine from any vintage containing no or low histamines.

Avoiding Histamines instead of Extraction

Other winemakers might do it differently – we do not extract any histamines, neither by fining, filtering or any other processes.

To produce wines of low histamine content, it is our goal to harvest histamine-free grapes and to entirely avoid the development of histamines while processing them.

Wines containing histamines – be it due to their grapes or because they naturally developed them during fermentation – we leave unaltered. They are not suitable for histamine intolerant persons.