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Moscato Rosa –  Rosenmuskateller
Red Wine + Rosé
Aromatic + Flowery Bouquet

Moscato Rosa red wine

The Grape Variety Moscato Rosa

Moscato Rosa is red bouquet grape variety. Coming from the Trentino-Alto Adige region, it is even in its native land scarcely cultivated.

The grape variety requires the very best location to reach full ripeness and the best care to grow properly.

The Moscato Rosa is extremely sensitive and therefore needs the very best care and locations. There and only there the late-ripening blue berries develop their full flavour and sweetness.

The bunches of Moscato Rosa are small, the berries irregular in size. Their colour changes from pink to dark blue. In the state of high ripeness they shrink as raisins and deliver very low but extremely dense wines of light red colour.

The Taste of Moscato Rosa Wines

From the Moscato Rosa grapes we press a rosé wine and a red wine. Both have an intense and flowery flavour providing a wonderful touch of roses.

Moscato Rosa Rosé Wines