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Rosé Wine
Fruity Pleasure, Dry or Sweet

Rosé wine

Our rosé wines are never blended but pressed from 100% red grapes only. We press them from several different red grapes varieties. Due to the intensity of colour the wines are of brighter or darker pink.

Rosé Wines from Dry to Sweet

We bottle both dry and sweet rosé wines. All of them have their low and pleasant acidity in common, which makes them very enjoyable and easy to drink.

Dry and semi-dry rosé wines go especially well with many kinds of food. Their sweetness and flavour are decent and do never overwhelm the taste of food.

Sweet rosés can also be enjoyed with many dishes. They are also very popular as party drinks.

All rosé wines taste at their best well-cooled and their fruitiy taste is crisp and refreshing.

The Making of Rosé Wine

While pressing red wines it is most important to gain the red colour of the grapes best possible. As opposed to this making rosé wine means to work very quickly. The grapes must be pressed quickly, immediately after the harvest. Any idle time must be avoided for the purpose of achieving their beautiful pink colour.