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People in the Fuchs Wine Estate

Hans-Jakob Fuchs

Hans-Jakob Fuchs

The owner and CEO of the Fuchs Wine Estate is a genuine wine enthusiast. He is the most important person in the winery, being not only the leader of the team but also the most experienced vintner.

Grown up in the winery, after his school education Hans-Jakob Fuchs studied agronomy and graduated at the University of Hohenheim.

The vinification is his most important task. No wine of the Fuchs wine estate will be bottled without the boss’ approval.

In private life Hans-Jakob Fuchs is fond of dogs and likes to walk them through the vineyards. He also enjoys horse-riding and hunting, reading and music as well as a good crime movie.

Hildegard Fuchs

Hildegard Fuchs

The chiefess, Hans-Jakob Fuchs’ wife Hildegard, is a lateral entrant in the wine business.

After her business management training she worked in the prepress branch. She shifted her professional attention to the winery where she is in charge of the internet presence and of the export activities.

In private life Hildegard Fuchs likes dogs, gardening and cooking. She also enjoys reading and needlework and plays the piano and the harp.

The Team

The 7 non-Fuchs-family members of the winery team are as enthusiastic about wine as their boss is. All of them are local and full time employees. The winery does not employ any external, temporary staff.

The team of the Fuchs Wine Estate

All team members are characterised by high flexibility. Everybody has several and often very different tasks, depending on the time of the year.

Naturally each team member has his special emphasis, but there are also often jobs to get done which require everybody’s hand.

Rainy days are used for indoor services such as labelling of bottles or maintenance work.