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Vineyards – Best Locations for Wine Cultivation

Vineyard of the Fuchs Wine Estate, Germany

Vineyards of the Fuchs Wine Estate

The cultivation area of our vineyards is about 30 hectares. They are spread over the two wine regions Rheinhessen and Pfalz.

The Rheinhessen wine sites are located in the south of the Rhinehessian downs, rolling hills facing south and southeast.

Adjoining in the west the Pfalz vineyards are a bit steeper. They face south and southwest.

The Soil

The calcareous and loamy loess soil is very deep and fertile with a high mineral content. It provides ideal conditions for vines and enables them to develop very long and deepgrowing roots and to find humidity even in very dry summers.

The Climate

Our region in the south-west of Germany is one of the mildest parts of the country. Early start of spring, warm, but not too hot summers, long and mild autumn seasons and only moderately cold winters are typical for the region.

Snow is a rare view in winter and the temperature scarcely falls below the freezing point and extremely seldom below –10° C.

The quantity of rainfall is very low: about 450 mm per year are just sufficient for vines to grow. The low quantity of rainfall is due to the position of the Donnersberg, the highest peak in the Palatinate region, west of our village. For rainy weather is always coming from the westerly or south-westerly direction, the mountain often diverts the clouds to the north and to the south, past Dalsheim lying in the mountain's slipstream.

Altogether our region provides best conditions to grow vines.