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Grape Varieties
Diversity of White + Red Wine

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Classics + Newcomers

The Fuchs Wine Estate cultivates a multifaceted choice of interesting white and red grapes. The assortment includes several classical types of vine such as Riesling, the most famous German grape variety, Pinot Noir, a classical red vine or Chardonnay (internationally cultivated white grape).

Moreover we cultivate several newcomers such as Cabernet Dorsa (red wine), Huxel (a very aromatic white grape) or Dornfelder, the shooting star among the German newer red vines.


Furthermore, you will find some very rarely grown grape varieties in our assortment such as Dunkelfelder, a deep dark red wine of high density, and the very old variety Gewuerztraminer, a spicy white wine.

Even rarer are Moscato Rosa and Moscato Giallo, both traditional grape varieties from the Trentino-Alto Adige region. Moscato Giallo delivers white wines of most elegant Muscat flavour, Moscato Rosa provides luxuriant red dessert wines.

Cuvée Wines

Last but not least you will find here the descriptions of our cuvée wines.

Cultivated Grape Varieties – Descriptions

Please click to the linked grape varieties for further informations. Prospectively we will add descriptions of all our grape varieties and of the wines made from them.

White Grapes – discreet flavour

White Grapes – bouquet varieties

Red Grapes