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Dornfelder Red Wine + Rosé
The Power of Taste and Colour

Dornfelder red wine, rose wine

The Grape Variety Dornfelder

Dornfelder is a newer red grape variety. Thanks to its beautiful colour, high density and pleasant fruitiness it became a shooting star among the German red wines. We started growing Dornfelder vines in the early 1990ies.

The Dornfelder vines are very fertile; their quantity of harvest must be strictly kept down in order to reach really powerful wines. Dornfelder berries are deep blue and have an intensive dark bluish-red juice.

The Taste of Dornfelder Wines

From our Dornfelder grapes we press both red and rosé wines and bottle them in different variants. They are characterised by their pleasant fruitiness.

Dornfelder Red Wines

Dornfelder Rosé Wines