Versecco is a non-alcoholic “champagne” made of fresh grape juices

Versecco – Non-Alcoholic
Sparkling, Champagne-Like Pleasure

As Delicious as a Good Champagne

This drink was created for any epicure who loves to enjoy a good champagne but is not allowed or does not want to drink alcoholic beverages.

It is especially suitable for

Let’s Pop the Corks

Versecco is a non-alcoholic, carbonated drink, made of fresh grape juices. It looks like a good champagne and it tastes as scrumptious as one. Its pressure of carbonic acid makes Versecco pleasantly sparkling and refreshing.

Filled in elegant champagne bottles, Versecco is a delicious choice to clink glasses without alcohol. Enjoy the fine and fruity taste of Versecco well-cooled – it sparkles great in champagne glasses.

Vegan Drinks

The Verseccos are vegan drinks. We do not use any animal ingredients in the production process.


Versecco Medium – Dry and Fruity
Special analysis available: Content of histamine < 0.1 mg/l

This softdrink is made of verjuice, the juice of green grapes.Tasting like a dry, but not too dry champagne, fresh and fruity with very mild acidity.

Download histamine analysis of Versecco medium (in German)

Versecco Sweet – the Taste of Ripe Grapes
Special analysis available: Content of histamine 0.002 mg/l

Versecco sweet is made of 100% grape juice. Its taste reminds one of a good sweet champagne, with a deliciously fruity taste of grapes. A scrumptious non-alcoholic alternative to sweet champagne!

Download histamine analysis of Versecco sweet (in German)

Versecco Sweet Rubin – Ruby-Red Fruitiness
Special analysis available: Content of histamine 0,004 mg/l

Versecco Sweet Rubin [German “Rubin” = “Ruby”] is made of 100% red grape juice. It has a rich, fruity taste and a beautiful, ruby-red colour.

Download histamine analysis of Versecco Rubin sweet (in German)

Fresh, Natural and Vegan Ingrediences Only

All Verseccos are made of vegan, fresh grape juices. They are bottled cold-sterile, without any addition such as sugar or aromatic additives according to the German Wine and Food Laws.

All Verseccos are available in champagne bottles (0.75 l).

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