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Red Wine – Dry + Sweet Treats
Fruity + Velvety

Red wines and red grapes

For a long time the cultivation of red wines in Germany was limited to only a few small regions. The Fuchs Wine Estate used to be a pioneer in the cultivation of red grape varieties and grew them long before others did.

The red vines take about half of our vineyards. They need our very special care. The grapes must ripen fully to provide harmonious and velvety red wines.

Dry Red Wines as Food Companions

Dry or semi-dry red wines go especially well with food. The support the taste of many dishes in a well-rounded manner.

Most of our dry red wines are delicately fruity and smooth in taste. Even the very dry ones are very pleasant on the tongue and not at all adstringent, rough or sharp.

Depending on the grape variety, some red grape varieties have well-marked but ripe tannines. Their taste is intense and powerful.

Sweet Red Wines: Each Sip a Pleasure Trip

Some wine lovers and especially self-appointed experts totally refuse sweet red wines. They have no idea what scrumptious pleasure they deny themselves.

Sweet red wines go well with opulent and spicy dishes. They are a pleasure if you feel like spoiling yourself and others and they are a fine choice to relax.

See also the page about sweetness.

Red Dessert Wines

Red dessert wines are real rarities. It happens only every few years that from the sprouting to the harvest all facts are adequate to make the red grapes ripen sufficiently for a red dessert wine.

Only a few red varieties are ever able to reach the required level of ripeness. The berries must be perfectly healthy and must dry raisin-like to reach a high natural concentration.

Red dessert wines are exclusive companions for fine chocolates and cocoa based desserts. They also go well with nuts and with cheese.

Red Grape Varieties

Red wines vary in taste as well as in colour. Furthermore they differ in their content of tannines, even though this also or course depends on the vinification. Several new breeds complete our assortment of old, classical varieties.

Ruby Red Wines

The colour of the ruby red wines is due to their dark blue skin. However dark the skin is, the colour of the pulp inside is light. Therefore these wines are of a beautiful, bright red, e.g.:

Deep Dark Red Wines

The grape varieties providing very intensely coloured red wines have not only a dark blue skin. Additionally the pulp of the berries and the juice are also very dark blue. Therefore these wines have a very intense, nearly non-transparent colour, e.g.:

Initially, those dark red grapes were bred as “colouring grapes”. Ours are also wonderful varieties to bottle in their own right.


“Room temperature” is often recommended to enjoy red wines. This is a very relative information. Red wines should not be cooled as much as white wines. They develop their aroma best at a temperature of 16–18° C. The sweeter a red wine is, the cooler it can be served.