Weingut Fuchs · 1626
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Weingut Fuchs · Winemakers since 1626
The Fuchs Wine Estate, Germany

Wine maker Hans-Jakob Fuchs

Wine maker Hans-Jakob Fuchs

Weingut Fuchs is a traditional German wine estate. Since 1626 our family owns and runs the wine estate in the Rhine region in Germany.

Diversity is important to us. Therefore you can find a wide range of fruity white wines and powerful red wines in our assortment.

We offer dry and semi-dry wines as well as scrumptious, sweet ones.

White Wines

Our white wines have wonderful bouquets, some of them like Pinot Blanc have delicate and discreet flavours, while others like Huxel are fruity, spicy and intense.

Red Wines

The red wines are full-bodied and range from ruby Pinot Noirs to deep velvety reds of Dornfelder or Dunkelfelder.

Rosé Wines

Rosé wines are also made from our luscious red grapes.

Histamine Certified Wines

A part of our assortment was especially analysed for histamine content. These wines have been proven to contain only small quantities of histamines.

More than Wines …

As well as our wines we offer several specialities such as a sweet grapes liqueur and different brandies – one of which is matured for more than 20 years in a wooden barrel.

Verjuice – the Scrumptious Alternative to Vinegar and Lemon

(omphacium, verjus) is the juice of green grapes, used instead of lemon or vinegar as a flavour enhancing ingredient in cuisine. Its sourness is milder than that of vinegar and its scent much more fragant than that of lemon. Verjuice was well known in ancient Europe and in the Middle Ages as a delicious and healthy cooking ingredient as well as a powerful medicine … more about verjuice

For cooking with verjuice please click on Verjuice recipes.

Sekt – Champagne – Sparkling Wine

Fuchs champagne/sekt is available in three variations:

Versecco – Non-Alcoholic Champagne

carbonated … as delicious as a good champagne! Available:

more about Versecco