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Gewuerztraminer – Savagnin Rose
White Wine
The Spicy Taste of Roses

Gewuerztraminer white wine

The Grape Variety Gewuerztraminer

This for non-native speakers nearly unpronounceable grape is an old one, which was already known in the Middle Ages. It is highly sensitive and therefore needs the very best and warm locations.

The rose-orange coloured berries of the Gewuerztraminer are very spicy, yielding extremely low quantity and high quality ripeness. Gewuerztraminer white wines are rarities!

The Taste of Gewuerztraminer Wines

Our Gewuerztraminer wines are very aromatic and full-bodied. Their taste is intense and longlasting, providing the typical flavour of roses. The acidity of the Gewuerztraminer wines is very smooth.

The Gewuerztraminer Auslese wines are especially intense and dense in taste.

Gewuerztraminer White Wines