Weingut Fuchs · 1626
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History of the Fuchs Wine Estate

View over Dalsheim

In the autumn of the year 1626, at the beginning of the grape harvest, the ancestor of the Fuchs family came into the region of Rheinhessen.

He liked the lovely, hilly countryside and the village Dalsheim, located sheltered from rough winds in the hills between the mount Donnersberg (the name means “mountain of thunder”) and the Rhine river.

The beautiful old village with its large, protecting wall, the warm and dry climate, where figs and mulberries ripen and especially the local wines pleased our ancestor.

Therefore he decided to settle in Dalsheim and to become a vintner, establishing a tradition of wine making which was to continue to the present for nearly 400 years.

Twelve generations of wine enthusiasts gained extensive experience and knowledge about the interaction of soil, climate and wines. This know how still influences our work in the vineyards and – together with modern academic education and technical equipment – enables us to produce natural wines of best quality.