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Philosophy of the Fuchs Wine Estate

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Wine Enthusiasts

The members of the Fuchs family are passionate wine makers and wine lovers. The wine is not just our job, but our vocation and therefore it is the center of attention.

Nothing but high quality is the goal of each vintage, of every working step, be it in the vineyards or in the cellar.

Careful and well-considered, steady cultivation of the vines is the first step to make excellent wines. Low quantity and late harvest allow the grapes enough time to develop their full flavours, high density and low acidity.

The processing of the grapes in the cellar is the next step to produce high quality wines. After the pressing the must is filtered from any trub. The fermentation of the crystal clear and clean must it temperature controlled to keep it slowly for full development of the wine’s flavours.

Richness of Grape Varieties

Fuchs wine is much more than Riesling. We love to cultivate a wide range of grape varieties and to enjoy their versatile tastes.

White and red vines take each about half of the vineyards. Of course among both red and white vines are the classical varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Noir and other typical German grape varieties.

Beyond that we cultivate a selection of rarities such as Gewurztraminer, Dunkelfelder or even some experimental plantations such as Moscato Giallo and Moscato Rosa.

These unusual wines complement the classical assortment and provide an interesting range of very different and most enjoyable savours.

Wide Range of Tastes

We consider it as a question of each wine lover’s personal taste if he or she prefers dry or sweet wines. Therefore the Fuchs wines are very different in their sweetness. We bottle very dry wines as well as semi-dry ones, off-dry and sweet wines. Furthermore there are several dessert wines of noble sweetness to be found in our assortment.

Dry and semi-dry wines are suitable companions for meals. Sweeter wines are often enjoyed in company and as party wines, they are also popular drinks to relax after work. Many of the sweeter wines also go very well with food, especially with spicy dishes.

Dessert wines are perfect and prestiguous presents and wonderful drinks to get spoiled. They can be enjoyed just on their own and also go well with sweets and desserts.