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Pinot Noir – Spaetburgunder
Red Wine + Rosé
Fruity + Elegant

Spaetburgunder, Pinot Noir red wine

The Grape Variety Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is one of the oldest red grape varieties and is said to be the noblest red grape of all. It was already known in medieval Europe.

Pinot Noir requests best locations for the late ripening berries to reach their full sweetness and delicate flavour.

The Taste of Pinot Noir Wines

From our Pinot Noir grapes we press both red and rosé wines and bottle them in different variants.

The wines stand out due to their fine fruitiness. The red wines have an intense ruby-red colour whilst the rosé wines present themselves in a beautiful pink.

Pinot Noir Red Wines

Pinot Noir Rosé Wines