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Halal Sparkling Grape
Non-Alcoholic, Natural, Sparkling Drink

Halal Sparkling Grape – non-alcoholic drinks made of fresh grape juices

“Halal Sparkling Grape” are four different sparkling high-quality drinks fulfilling the strict Halal requirements:

Fresh Juices for Non-Alcoholic Delights

For Halal Sparkling Grape fine, fresh grapes are harvested manually in several operations. Their juices are the ingredients for these drinks.

Depending on the harvesting time a different intensity of natural sweetness and acidity come along with the fruity flavour of the grapes.

Whilst its pleasantly fresh acidity dominates the taste of “Extra-Dry”, Halal Sparkling Grape Dry provides a slight touch of sweetness which blends pleasantly with the drink’s acidity. “Sweet” provides the full, natural sweetness of fresh, ripe grapes. “Sweet Ruby” tastes also sweet and is made of ripe black grapes.

Natural Ingredients – Non-Alcoholic by Nature

The main target of harvest and further processing was to prevent any alcoholic fermentation and thus to avoid the development of alcohol inherently.

The Halal Sparkling Grape drinks are bottled using only fresh grape juices of different, natural sweetness. These juices include the precious vitamines, mineral nutrients and micronutrients of fresh grapes. Halal Sparkling Grape does not contain any concentrates or dealcoholised wines.

Halal Sparkling Grape is bottled cold-sterile. The drinks do not contain additives such as sugar, flavourings or preservatives according to the German Food Law.

Savour Halal Sparkling Grape

No matter if you are organising a big festivity or if you feel like spoiling yourself – enjoy the fruity taste and the elegant sparkling of Halal Sparkling Grape well-cooled. For best sparkling effect use slim, long goblets having a fizz-spot on the bottom.


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The ingredients of Halal Sparkling Grape Extra-Dry, Dry, Sweet and Sweet Ruby were supervised and checked by the Huda Halal Certifying Centre in Hannover. They fully comply with the Halal standards. Production and cleaning process follow the Islamic Halal requirements. From the production to the filling process neither alcohol nor animal products are used at any stage. The product is not mixed with and does not come into contact with any substances which are not Halal.

The certificate is available to download.