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Huxel – White Wine + Verjuice
Very Fruity Bouquet

Huxelrebe white wine

The Grape Variety Huxel

The Huxel is a very aromatic white grape variety. It was bred in 1927.

Huxel vines are scarcely cultivated. They require best locations and care.

The goldish-yellow berries of Huxel ripen early and therefore can reach a high degree of ripeness.

Besides the wines we press a sour grape juice named "verjuice” from this grapes which is used in gourmet kitchen instead of lemon or vinegar.

The Taste of Huxel Wines

Fuchs Huxel wines have a very fruity a full-bodied taste, providing intense flavours of exotic fruits such as maracuja and mango.

Huxel White Wines

Huxel Verjuice (Sour Grape Juice)