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Cooking with Verjuice
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Grilled chicken breast filet with verjuice and cilantro

Grilled Chicken Breast Filet with Verjuice and Cilantro

4 servings


4 chicken breast filets
approx. 100–150 ml verjuice
1 bunch fresh cilantro
freshly ground pepper

How to Prepare

Wash cilantro and dry in a salad spinner. Pluck off leaves and cover the bottom of a flat bowl with it.

Wash and dry chicken breast filets. Pat pepper onto both sides. Put flat onto the cilantro leaves and cover with more cilantro leaves.

Sprinkle poultry with verjuice, but be careful not to wash off pepper and cilantro. The marinade should just cover the poultry. Leave to steep for approx. 2-3 hours. Turn poultry upside down after half of the time.

Preheat grill well. Cooking time is about 10–12 minutes.

Serve with salad, baguette and herb butter, or fried potatoes.

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