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Dornfelder Sweet Rosé Wine

Taste of Dornfelder Rosé Sweet

This Rosé wine has a very beautiful rose colour and an expressive taste of cherries, red berries, and plums, combined with tasty sweetness, smooth acidity and rather low alcohol.

Dornfelder Rosé Sweet + Food

Dornfelder rosé wine is a delicious wine for enjoyment - well-cooled - for all gourmands having a sweet tooth. Scrumptious with sweet desserts. Enjoy it well cooled – it is a terrific drink for warm summer nights.

Type:Rosé wine
Quality:German quality wine
Alcohol:10% ABV
Residual sugar:61.8 g/l
Acidity:5 g/l
Contents:750 ml
Producer:Weingut Fuchs
Country of Origin:Germany