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Moscato Giallo Off-Dry White Wine

Taste of Moscato Giallo Off-Dry White Wine

This Moscato Giallo tastes not too dry. The wine has an intensive muscatel flavour and a full-bodied, spicy taste of grapes.

The wine’s discreet touch of sweetness and it’s ripe acidity suit its expressive bouquet.

Moscato Giallo Off-Dry + Food

Due to its aromatic taste Moscato Giallo is a good companion for spicy dishes such as sweet-and-sour or hot Asia dishes. It also goes well with roasted turkey or duck, with spicy fish dishes or sushi and with aromatic kinds of cheese.

Type:White wine
Quality:German quality wine
Alcohol:11.5% ABV
Residual sugar:11.6 g/l
Acidity:7.2 g/l
Contents:750 ml
Producer:Weingut Fuchs
Country of Origin:Germany