Pinot Noir «S» Dry Red Wine

Silver Medal AWC Vienna 2014

Silver Medal AWC Vienna 2014

Alcohol:13% vol
Residual sugar:1,4 g/l
Acidity:6,3 g/l
Contents:750 ml
Producer:Weingut Fuchs
Country of Origin:Germany

Taste of Pinot Noir «S» Dry Red Wine

This Pinot Noir is is truly dry. It is a full-bodied, powerful and fruity red wine of beautifully intense ruby-red colour with a pleasant touch of acidity and a smack of white currant and raspberries.

Pinot Noir «S» Dry + Food

This red wine pairs very well with many dishes, such as roasted or stewed beef, beef roulades, venison, roast goose or duck, and dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine. It also goes well with ham, salami or cheese sandwiches.

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