Weingut Fuchs
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Fuchs Extra Off-Dry Red Wine

Taste of Fuchs Extra Off-Dry Red Wine

This very dense and powerful red wine tastes velvety with a touch of ripe tannins. The flavours of dark wild berries and a hint of cherries complement each other.

Fuchs Extra Off-Dry + Food

Fuchs Extra dry is an excellent choice to accompany tangy and spicy dishes. The red wine pairs well with roast goose or beef, goulash or venison. It also goes well with cheese, smoked meat and fish or with Mediterranean cuisine.


Double Gold Medal WWSA 2018

Double Gold Medal WWSA 2018

Type:Red wine
Quality:German quality wine
Alcohol:11% ABV
Residual sugar:26.1 g/l
Acidity:5.3 g/l
Contents:750 ml
Producer:Weingut Fuchs
Country of Origin:Germany