Weingut Fuchs
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Cabernet Dorsa Dry Red Wine

Taste of Cabernet Dorsa Dry Red Wine

The powerful red wine tastes truly dry. It is dense and intensive in colour. The wine’s tannins are pronounced and remind of the typical flavour of Cabernet Sauvignon. It's pleasant fruitiness provides a distinct flavour of cherries.

Cabernet Dorsa Dry + Food

Cabernet Dorsa dry red wine is a good choice to go with for roasted and stewed beef or venison, with mediterranean dishes and with smoked or barbecued meat.

Type:Red wine
Quality:German quality wine
Taste:very dry
Alcohol:12.5% ABV
Residual sugar:1.8 g/l
Acidity:5.1 g/l
Contents:750 ml
Producer:Weingut Fuchs
Country of Origin:Germany