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Cooking with Verjuice
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Chopped turkey with verjuice

Chopped Turkey with Verjuice

2 servings


400 g turkey breast
1 onion
20 g pine nuts
20 leaves of fresh basil
100 ml verjuice
150 ml cream*
1 egg yolk
pepper, salt

How to Prepare

Cut onion into fine rings. Wash and dry poultry, then chop into strips. Sauté both in a little butter together with the pine nuts. Deglaze with half of the verjuice and boil down. Add chopped basil and cream.

Cook gently with the lid closed. Scramble the egg yolk with the rest of the verjuice. Take the poultry off the heat as soon as it is done. Stir in the egg and verjuice mixture, bring to the boil again shortly. Season to taste with pepper and salt. Serve with rice.

* Low-fat alternative:
Use milk instead of cream. Add two teaspoons corn flour to the egg and verjuice mixture and stir until smooth.

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