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Tortillas with salad and poultry

Tortillas with Salad and Poultry in Verjuice
(4 servings)


8 tortillas
4 slices of poultry (turkey or chicken breast)
1 onion
70 ml verjuice
1 small iceberg lettuce
1 red sweet pepper
150 g plain yogurt
1 small clove of garlic
2 tablespoons verjuice
1 pinch of chilli powder
freshly ground pepper

How to Prepare

Goes well with:
  • Chardonnay semi-dry
  • Pinot Blanc dry
  • Pinot Noir Rosé dry
  • Fuchs Classic semi-dry
  • Versecco dry
  • Versecco medium

Cut poultry into narrow slices and onions into rings. Fry both in a pan with a little fat until golden. Deglaze with verjuice and let simmer on low heat with the lid closed.

Wash and clean salad and sweet pepper and cut into pieces. Crush clove of garlic and mingle with yogurt and 2 tablespoons verjuice. Season to taste with chilli, salt and pepper.

Heat tortillas in the oven. Arrange salad, sweet pepper, and meat on the hot tortilla. Pour yogurt sauce over it and roll up cone-shaped.

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