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Sandcake with verjuice

Sandcake with Verjuice


200 g butter or margarine
180 g sugar
1 heaping tablespoon vanilla sugar
4 eggs
200 g flour
200 g corn flour
125 ml verjuice
1 backing powder

How to Prepare

Beat fat until fluffy. Add sugar, vanilla sugar, and eggs. Then slowly stirn in flour, corn flour, baking powder, and in the end the verjuice. Beat until the dough is smooth.

Goes well with:
  • Sieger Auslese dessert wine
  • Dunkelfelder sweet
  • Dornfelder red grape liqueur

Grease a loaf pan (30 cm) and spread with bread crumbs. Spread dough evenly in it.

Bake at 160 °C in a convection oven. Baking time is approx. 45–60 minutes.

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