Wine list no. 65
Content750 ml
Ingredients: water, verjuice, carbonic acid, vitamin C
Best before: 2023-12-31

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Versecco Medium – Non-Alcoholic
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As scrumptious as a fruity, dry champagne

vegan drink

This drink is a fine alternative for all lovers of sparkling drinks who do not wish or are not allowed to enjoy alcoholic champagne.

Clink the glasses with our non-alcoholic Versecco and enjoy its fruity taste.

Serve well-cooled in champagne glasses.


Versecco medium is similar to a fruity champagne. It is dry, but not too dry, with smooth acidity.

Pure Nature

Versecco medium is made of fresh verjuice, the juice of green, sour grapes. It is bottled after cold sterilisation and without any additives such as sugar or flavourings.

Note:for best taste and sparkling effect serve well-cooled in champagne flutes.

Vegan Product

Versecco dry is a vegan product which was produced without the use of animal-derived products.

Best temperature to enjoy: 5–7˚ C

Nutrition Declaration per 100 ml:

Energy: 28 kcal / 116 kJ
Fat: 0 g
– of that saturated fats: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 6.9 g
– of that sugars: 6.9 g
Protein: 0.1 g
Salt: 4.2 mg

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