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Pinot Meunier, Histamine-Certified
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Histamine-certified Wine

Special analysis available:
Histamine content 0.074 mg/l


This Pinot Meunier is a red wine of beautiful ruby-red colour. It tastes medium-sweet, but not too sweet.

The wine has a fruity flavour with nuances of red fruits such as cherry, raspberry and currant.

The fine fruitiness, the smooth acidity and the subtle sweetness join to a velvety red wine.

Pinot Meunier and Food

Pinot Meunier goes well with meat and venison, with pasta and cheese. It is also a good choice for convivial gatherings.

Enjoy this Pinot Meunier at room temperature. It can also be lightly cooled.

Best temperature to enjoy: 16–18˚ C

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