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Gewuerztraminer Auslese Off-dry
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The Gewuerztraminer Auslese off-dry is a very special white wine as it is not too dry, but far from sweet. At the same time, it shows the typical flavour of the Gewuerztraminer grape variety.

The wine is dense and substantial and has an extremely smooth and pleasant acidity.

Its flavour is spicy and fruity, while its elegant fragrance reminds of roses.


  • Silver medal RendezVino 2011

Gewuerztraminer Auslese Off-dry and Food

Gewuerztraminer Auslese off-dry goes well with savoury and spicy dishes, especially with aromatic poultry dishes, with well-seasoned fish and with all piquant kinds of cheese.

Best temperature to enjoy: 10–12˚ C


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