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Fuchs Red Wine Off-Dry, Histamine-Certified · Red Wine

Fuchs Red Wine Off-Dry, Histamine-Certified
Fuchs Red Wine Off-Dry, Histamine-Certified
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Histamine-Certified Red Wine

Special analysis available:
Histamine content 0.088 mg/l


This off-dry red wine cuvée is not really dry but has a touch of subtle sweetness.

The powerful red wine has a deep dark red, intense colour and a velvety and smooth density.

The main nuances of its fruitiness are cherry and plum. The acidity is very ripe and pleasantly mild.

Fuchs Rotwein feinherb, histamingeprüft – Genussempfehlung

Ein angenehmer Begleiter zu vielerlei Braten- und Wildgerichten, jungen Gouda oder “Spundekäs” (herzhaft gewürzter Frischkäse), bei dem man gerne auch nach dem Essen sitzen bleibt.

Best temperature to enjoy: 16–18˚ C

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Wine list no. 1107
Quality levelGerman quality wine
Alcohol11% ABV
Residual sugar25.9 g/l
Acidity5.1 g/l
Content0.75 l
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