Weingut Fuchs
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CEO Hans-Jakob Fuchs tastes a barrique wine Hans-Jakob and Hildegard Fuchs The Team of the Fuchs Wine Estate Hans-Jakob Fuchs in a young Portugieser vineyard Hildegard Fuchs tasting ripe grapes Hans-Jakob Fuchs Hildegard Fuchs and the dogs

House and Farm

The house and the farmyard Entree of the house Staircase The wine window inside of the house Tasting and meeting room Tasting and meeting room The terrace of the house View into the garden

The Wine Cellar

Stainless steel tanks in the wine cellar Bottling of red wine Temperature-controlled storehouse Temperature-controlled storehouse


Vineyards A young Riesling vineyard Pruning of the vines Vineyards early in spring Foliation of vines in spring A young sprout of vine Vineyards in the village Einselthum Blossom of vines Ripe Dornfelder grapes Ripe Pinot Noir grapes Vineyards in autumn The vineyards in the snow

Grape Harvest

Checking the ripeness of the grapes Hans-Jakob Fuchs checking the ripeness by refractometer Harvest: hand-picking of grapes Grapes harvesting machine at work Draining of the harvesting machine A trailor of freshly harvested grapes Draining the grapes off the trailor into the cellar The press room Grapes grinding equipment Pressing of red grapes Controlling of the fermentation of the young wines Saccharimeter

The Village of Dalsheim

The village of Dalsheim surrounded by its mediaeval wall View to the village of Dalsheim The historical centre of Dalsheim A “Trullo” (small hut) in the vineyards Small hut in the vineyards Dalsheim in winter