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Fuchs grapes are allowed to ripen fully. This makes the wines rich and flavoursome.

We offer dry and semi-dry wines as well as scrumptious, sweet ones and several sweet dessert wines.

white wine, red wine, rosé wine

White Wines

Some of the white wines like Pinot Blanc have delicate and discreet flavours, while others like Huxel have fruity, spicy and intense bouquets.

Dry and semi-dry white wines go especially well with food. Sweeter wines are pleasurable to enjoy just for fun.

White dessert wines are the best companions for sweets and cookies and for pâtés such as pâté de foie gras or for cheese.

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Red Wines

The red wines are full-bodied and range from ruby Pinot Noirs to deep velvety reds of Dornfelder or Dunkelfelder.

Dry red wines are universal companions for many kinds of food whilst sweet red wines usually are enjoyed for the pure pleasure of their own taste.

Red dessert wines are real rarities. They go well with sweets based on cocoa, with fine chocolates, nuts and with spicy cheeses.

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Rosé Wines

Rosé are also pressed from red grapes.

Dry rosé wines go well with many dishes. Sweet rosés are a special pleasure for epicures having a sweet tooth.

Rosé wines are fine “summer wines”, most enjoyable well-cooled.

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Histamine-Certified Wines

Even if wines are not allowed to be named “histamine-free”, some of the Fuchs wines come with a special histamine analysis proving their histamine content to be less than 0.1 mg per litre.

Histamine-certified wines

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