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Versecco – Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Versecco is a non-alcoholic “champagne” made of fresh grape juices

This sparkling non-alcoholic champagne is especially suitable for

What is Versecco Made of?

Versecco is made of fresh grape juices. It looks like a good champagne. Having 5 bar pressure Versecco tastes pleasantly sparkling and refreshing.

Versecco is a delicious choice to clink glasses without alcohol. Enjoy the fine and fruity taste of Versecco well-cooled – it sparkles great in champagne glasses.

Versecco Dry

is made of verjuice, the juice of green grapes. Its taste reminds one of a good, dry champagne. It is a refreshing and fruity non-alcoholic alternative to champagne. Low calories!

Versecco Medium

is made of verjuice, the juice of green grapes. Its taste is dry, but not too dry. A fresh and fruity champagne having very mild acidity.

Versecco Sweet

Versecco Sweet is made of 100% fresh grape juice. It has a deliciously fruity taste of grapes. A scrumptious non-alcoholic alternative to sweet champagne!

Versecco Sweet Ruby

Versecco Sweet Ruby is made of 100% fresh red grape juice. Its taste is very grapey and its colour is a beautiful ruby-red.

Vegan Ingrediences

All Verseccos are vegan drinks, made of fresh grape juices. They are bottled cold-sterile, without any addition such as sugar, aromatic additives or preservatives according to the German Food Law in champagne bottles (750 ml).

Histamine-Free Verseccos

All Verseccos are free of histamines by nature. Analysis data:

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