Wine list no. 21
Quality levelGerman quality wine
Alcohol9% ABV
Residual sugar139.3 g/l
Acidity6.8 g/l
Content500 ml
Ingredients: contains sulfites

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Moscato Rosa Beerenauslese
Rosé Wine Buy Online


This red dessert wine has an extraordinary flavour and a beautiful bright red colour.

The spicy bouquet of the rosé wine shows incredibly vibrant notes of roses and its sweetness is perfectly balanced with its full flavour.

Moscato Rosa and Food

This dessert wine is a wine for joy. Enjoy it as an exclusive aperitif. As a dessert wine it pairs excellently with spicy desserts as well as with desserts and cakes based on cocoa, with premium chocolates, and with cheese.

Best temperature to enjoy: 10–12˚ C


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