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Chardonnay Semi-dry
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Special analysis available:
Histamine content < 0.25 mg/l
Sorbite content < 0.5 g/l


This Chardonnay tastes not entirely dry.

The high level of ripeness caused that the must did not fermentate totally so that a small part of ist natural sweetness remained.

Chardonnay semi-dry is a crisp, full-bodied white wine. Its taste has fruity nuances of kiwi and gooseberry.

The combination of the gentle sweetness and the acidity is harmonious – a wine to whet the appetite.

Chardonnay Semi-dry and Food

Chardonnay semi-dry is a pleasant and multifaceted companion with food such as fish and seefood, poultry and pasta, barbecued dishes and light summer dishes.


  • Double Gold medal
    China Wine & Spirits Award 2014

Best temperature to enjoy: 8–10˚ C


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