Chardonnay white wine

Chardonnay White Wine –
Straight Elegance

The Grape Variety

Chardonnay is an internationally well-known and most popular grape variety, a member of the burgundy grapes family. It is as challenging as Riesling to grow. Our calcareous soil in best locations is especially suitable for it. The amber coloured berries growing in small bunches ripen late.

Chardonnay White Wine – Semi-dry


Fuchs Chardonnay white wine is not too dry with smooth, ripe acidity. Its taste is long-lasting and pleasantly fresh and it has the exquisite aromatic of pears and melons.

Chardonnay Semi-dry + Food

Chardonnay semi-dry white wine is a good choice for many kinds of food and goes especially well with seafood, poultry, and pasta, sweet-and-sour or vegetarian dishes.

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